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My Name is Alex, and I'm here to reassure you that you can change.

Today, people struggle to overcome their destructive habits and claim their place in a rapidly changing world.

More and more people across the UK are looking to climb out of their limiting beliefs and explore new ways of living their best lives.

No matter how stubborn your 'bad habits' or limiting beliefs might be, you are not doomed to live with them forever.              Some of your most negative habits have a positive intention at their core. I can help you flip the switch and take control.

Whether it's recognizing better choices or reducing negative thoughts and destructive behavior, by working together we can unlock the doors obstructing your success.

In order to accomplish these changes, we will focus on four key areas of development in our one to one meetings:



Believing in your own purpose and abilities 



Understanding what sets you apart. Build on strengths & values 



Taking what life throws at you.          You bend, but don't break



Creating a definition of success. Take steps towards the life you want

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"Everybody needs a Coach... A Coach really helps."


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